Ladies, Get Your Lift On

No you won’t get “bulky.” No you won’t turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger with a ponytail, but you will gain confidence, independence, and a sizzlin’ hot body! First of all, your … continue reading →

Healthy Snacks while Traveling

Too Busy to Prepare Healthy Snacks? Best Prepared & Pre-Packaged Snacks for Traveling & Running Errands Hey guys, I know that as we get older our lives also become busier … continue reading →

Everlasting Changes Doesn’t Just Partner with Anyone

Advocare has truly changed the way I view supplementation. Their core products of Spark and MNS has made my days become more task oriented and much more productive! Brent and … continue reading →

New Year Revolution Series, Part 2

New Year, New You Revolution Series Part 2: Now to the Drawing Board Apparently the blogpost I wrote a couple days ago hit home with several people, because my inbox … continue reading →

New Year, New You Revolution Series, Part 1

New Year, New You Revolution Series Part 1: The Truth About New Year’s Resolutions & Weight Loss This may not sit well with you, but it’s something that you need … continue reading →

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